China News Service, Beijing, February 28 (Reporter Zuo Yuqing) Gather the power of powerful countries to create a great cause of rejuvenation.

The 2023 China Positive Energy Internet Quality Collection and Broadcast Event hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China has officially launched online voting.

  After preliminary selection, 1,100 works stood out from the submissions and were shortlisted for the final selection.

According to the work arrangement, online voting will be held before the final election from February 27 to March 4. The voting results will be used as an important reference for the final selection of China's positive energy network products.

  In the digital age, everyone is connected to the Internet, everywhere and all the time.

As we pass through 2023, lines of text, pictures, and audio and video full of "internet flavor" and "internet sense" record the extraordinary in ordinary life, and also engrave the spirit of the times in the cyberspace, becoming a new generation after generation. The common memory of a generation of netizens has inspired countless people to strive and work hard.

  The 1,100 positive Internet products that stood out in the primary election this time also allowed us to relive every detail of the past year:

  In 2023, young people with the ideal of returning to their hometowns to start a business will go to the fields and become new farmers who will take the lead in getting rich. While realizing the industrial dream of enriching the people and revitalizing the village, they will also paint a beautiful picture of rural revitalization.

In the "Sea of ​​Death" Taklimakan Desert, technicians worked hard to overcome technical difficulties and set a new record for Asia's deepest horizontal well with a well depth of 9,396 meters.

Not being afraid of difficulties, having the courage to innovate and working hard are their spiritual background.

  In 2023, we will take back the tenth batch of remains of Chinese People’s Volunteer Army martyrs in South Korea.

In the rolling mountains of the border, border guards patrolled the border in the snow in the biting cold wind, guarding the borders of the motherland.

Their clear love is only for China. Love for family and country is their deepest and most lasting emotion.

  In 2023, after the earthquake in Pingyuan County, Dezhou, Shandong Province, three railway staff stayed at their posts and urgently stopped 7 trains running within their jurisdiction; on the K396 train that was trapped in Luopoling, the conductor Zhao Yang shouted, "Through this... I have to wear clothes worthy of everyone."

They love their posts, are dedicated to their duties, and are responsible for their duties. Responsibility and mission are their original aspirations.

  In 2023, deliveryman Peng Qinglin jumped from a 12-meter high bridge and pulled a drowning man back from the brink of death, but said "I have no connection with heroes"; mountaineering team members Fan Jiangtao and Xie Ruxiang gave up when they were less than 400 meters from the peak. Dreaming of climbing to the summit, I chose to rescue climbers in distress because "rescuing people is more important than climbing Mount Everest."

Working in the ordinary, achieving extraordinary things, and being good to others are their most sincere qualities.

  Looking forward to 2024, the struggling Chinese people are still writing a new chapter of China's progress on the land of China, and the countless moments that touch you and me in 2023 will surely become the source of motivation for the 1.4 billion Chinese people to overcome all obstacles.

The power from "one" to "hundred million" is gathered together, and we look forward to every positive energy you have to vote for the high-quality products of China's positive energy network, so that the sparks can become torches and dreams can be made bright.

  To gather the "micro" power at your fingertips, you are welcome to click on the voting link ( to cast your thumbs up for China's positive energy network products !