Chad: shots heard in Ndjamena after attack on intelligence services

The Chadian government claimed to have repelled an attack on the premises of the National State Security Agency in Ndjamena on the night of Tuesday February 27 to Wednesday February 28, causing “ 

several deaths


The authorities accuse “ 


 ” of the Socialist Party Without Borders (PSF) led by opponent Yaya Dillo.

Although the government claimed that the situation had initially been brought under control, sporadic gunfire was heard in the capital.

View of Ndjamena, capital of Chad (illustrative photo).

Xaume Olleros / AFP

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After the incident in the offices of the intelligence services, the authorities invaded the headquarters of the Socialist Party Without Borders (PSF) at midday, making several arrests, " 

entrusted for a judicial investigation

 ", announced the Chadian government to our correspondent in Ndjamena,

Carol Valade


According to the government, there were no victims of this assault in the movement's headquarters. 

According to AFP, all roads leading to the National State Security Agency (ANS) are blocked, the telephone network and the Internet are also severely disrupted, AFP journalists noted at midday .

According to AFP, the staccato of automatic weapons caused a crowd movement in the city center of the capital, where RFI correspondents also reported a movement of emergency vehicles in the city.

In its press release published at dawn, the government speaks of an arrest of the finance manager of the PSF, accused of plotting an “ 

assassination attempt against the President of the Supreme Court

 ”, Samir Adam Annour.

He was the victim of an attack on February 19.

The executive of the party led by

opponent Yaya Dillo

is called Abakar Torabi, reports our special correspondent in the Chadian capital,

François Mazet


Tuesday evening, Yaya Dillo announced on social networks his assassination by members of intelligence.

According to our information, there were exchanges of fire during the arrest.

Abakar Torabi was taken in an unknown state to the ANS headquarters, where PSF activists went during the night.

The tone then rose with the soldiers, there were shots which caused several victims, but no report is available at this time.

The government has denounced a deliberate attack, but assures that “ 

the situation is completely under control

 ” and that “ 

the perpetrators

 ” have been “ 

arrested or are being sought


And moreover, since this Wednesday morning, the district housing the headquarters of the PSF, but also the home of Saleh Déby, uncle of the head of state, who joined the opposition, has been cordoned off by a major military deployment.

Yaya Dillo said he was surrounded, but told AFP that he “ 

was not present

 ”, denying his involvement and denouncing a “ 




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