American IT giant Apple has announced that it will discontinue the development of EV (electric vehicle), which it has been working on for about 10 years.

The company will reportedly focus on the rapidly growing field of generative AI.

IT giant Apple launched a secret EV development project called "Titan" in 2014, and is said to have spent a huge amount of money trying to realize things like fully autonomous driving and voice navigation.

American media outlet Bloomberg reported on the 27th that Apple internally announced that it would cease EV development, surprising the roughly 2,000 employees involved in the project.

In addition, many employees involved in this project will move to the AI ​​department and will be involved in the development of generative AI, which is rapidly growing, and the company will focus on the field of generative AI from now on.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has spent billions of dollars developing EVs, changed its strategy several times, and even made acquisition offers from automakers, but none of them materialized.

Competition in the development of generative AI is intensifying around the world, but it has been pointed out that Apple is lagging behind, and it is believed that Apple is aiming to catch up.