Agricultural Show: Gabriel Attal and Marine Le Pen are popular with the farming world

After Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on Tuesday, Marine Le Pen in turn strolls through the aisles of the Agricultural Show this Wednesday, February 28.

The boss of the National Rally (RN) deputies, very popular with farmers, tries to explain the party's program, which is not very consistent in terms of agriculture.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal went to the Agricultural Show on Tuesday February 27, 2024. The leader of the National Rally deputies, Marine Le Pen, went there on Wednesday February 28, 2024. © Dimitar Dilkoff & Thomas Samson/AFP

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Between the hundreds of selfies granted to visitors to the Show since the beginning of the morning of February 28,

Marine Le Pen

takes the time to chat with the farmers.

The head of the line of RN deputies strives to explain the sometimes 180° reversals of her training in agriculture in recent years.

She returns in particular to the

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

, without which many farmers could not live: “ 

You still know that, for years, I was extremely critical of the CAP.

We voted last, why?

Because there was, in part, the renationalization that we had been calling for for years.


Exchanges are sometimes rough with farmers, particularly with a clearly pro-European dairy cow breeder.


We stop free trade, we stop unfair competition, we stop stupid standards, over-transpositions

 ,” begins Marine Le Pen.


But we agree that we don’t need less Europe, we need more?

 », asks his interlocutor.

No, we don’t need more Europe.

We need Europe differently.

We need Europe to meddle in what concerns it and what is effective, and leave it to the nations to also take care of what concerns them and what they are much better at than the European Union.

 " , retorts the member for Pas-de-Calais.

Europe differently, changing Europe from the inside, this is precisely the objective of the RN since it no longer advocates leaving the European Union.

Marine Le Pen is therefore teaching at the Agricultural Show.

She will continue to wander the aisles all afternoon, after a break for lunch at the overseas stand, where she is now also very popular.

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Long visit and serene atmosphere for Attal

Three days after

Emmanuel Macron's very eventful visit

to the Agricultural Show, his Prime Minister,

Gabriel Attal

, also walked the length of the national farmers' meeting on Tuesday February 27.

And the atmosphere was very different for the head of government, who denounced the “ 

media and political circus

 ” which marred the first days of the Porte de Versailles event.

The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal at the Agricultural Show, Tuesday February 27, greeting a pig under the flashes of photographers.


In front of a swarm of cameras, the Prime Minister played the local card, drinking and tasting, like this imposing hamburger offered by a breeder from Haute-Garonne.

Gabriel Attal on familiar ground, and even a little conquered.

Ludocvic Capet, breeder in Haute-Garonne, “

where he (Gabriel Attal) came to make his first announcements

 ”, is kind: “ 

I think he listens very well.

We can talk, he's a very simple and very nice person.


The contrast with Emmanuel Macron's visit is in any case striking.

But the Prime Minister remained in solidarity with the Head of State: “ 

For the visit of the President of the Republic, there are activists who came with the objective of creating chaos, of only coming for the weekend , which is why I didn't get them.


For Jean-Baptiste Gibert, president of the Young Farmers of Tarn-et-Garonne, the President of the Republic above all suffered from peasant anger: “The 

valve let go a little on Saturday and, inevitably, all the others travel is a little calmer and a little more serene.


The fact remains that Gabriel Attal enjoys a more positive image and allows himself to compete in a very symbolic area for Emmanuel Macron: with twelve hours of presence at the show, the head of government has almost equaled the presidential record.

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