Residents of Transnistria raise the flags of the region and Russia (French - archive)

The authorities of the breakaway region of Transnistria issued an official declaration requesting protection from Russia against the Moldova government, claiming that it is exerting pressure on the region's economy.

The separatist authorities in the region said, in their announcement issued today, Wednesday, after a conference of senior officials, that there are “social and economic pressures on Transnistria, which directly contradicts European principles and rules for protecting human rights and free trade.”

The separatists asked Moscow "to take measures to protect Transnistria in light of the increasing pressure exerted by Moldova."

In the first response to this announcement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that “protecting the interests of the residents of Transnistria, our countrymen, is one of our priorities,” according to what was reported by Russian news agencies.

On the other hand, the Moldovan government denounced the announcement issued by the separatists, describing it as propaganda.

Moldova's Deputy Prime Minister, Oleg Serebryan, wrote on Telegram that the government "rejects this propaganda and reminds that the Transnistria region benefits from policies of peace, security and economic integration with the European Union that benefit all citizens."

This region has not been under the control of the Moldovan authorities since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and is ruled by separatists described as inclined to unite with Russia.

The region bordering Ukraine has not received any international recognition of its independence, and there are about 1,500 Russian soldiers sent there by unilateral decision, and Moscow says they are to maintain peace there. The region also depends on Russian resources provided to it for free, such as gas.

The region, with its population of approximately 470,000, includes Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan ethnicities in varying proportions.

Source: Agencies