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Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-10:09

  • PSOE The expulsion of Ábalos shocks the party: "It is something unprecedented, until yesterday he was the hard core of Sanchismo"

  • Politics Ábalos stands before Sánchez, does not renounce the record and goes to the Mixed Group: "I am completely alone but I will defend my honor"

After the political commotion caused by his move to the Mixed Group of Congress,

José Luis Ábalos

argued this Wednesday that the "definitive" thing was the 24-hour ultimatum of the Federal Executive of the PSOE for him to leave his role as deputy.

"There has been no precedent for a former minister and former Secretary of Organization of a party to be issued a public order by the leadership. I had no choice after that," noted the Valencian politician in an interview on Onda Cero.

Whoever was Pedro Sánchez

's strong man

both in the Ferraz headquarters and in the Government has also announced that he will appeal his precautionary suspension of militancy: "The rules clearly establish that only resignation from public office in criminal proceedings to avoid abuses complaints of an administrative nature and call for oral trial".

It took Ferraz just a few minutes to notify the precautionary suspension of Ábalos's militancy as an affiliate of the Valencia Group after the former Minister of Transport communicated his decision not to resign from the deputy seat and move to the Mixed Group.

The national leadership of the party argued that he did it to "safeguard the image of the party."