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Eyewitnesses told Al Jazeera the moments of terror they experienced when the Israeli occupation army surrounded and opened fire on a residential building that was housing about 50 displaced people in Gaza City at the beginning of this February.

The testimonies included details of what about 50 displaced people were exposed to in the building located in the vicinity of the Islamic University in Gaza, including the killing of the young martyr, Abdul Karim Al-Ramlawi (18 years old), who was among those besieged, by sniper bullets.

Video scenes showed the effects of intense gunfire on the building belonging to the Bakroun family, and displaced people from other families, including the Ramlawi family, took refuge in it. These families lived days of terror, especially since they were directly targeted, and lost one of their members to the bullets of an Israeli sniper, and fire also caught fire on the floors. The upper part of the building.

The elderly person, Abu Jihad Bakroun, said, “There were about 50 people in this house, and one of the young men from the family was hit by a direct bullet from an Israeli sniper while he was inside the house. Then, after that, the Israeli vehicles came and surrounded the building and fired intense fire and shells while we were inside. We resorted to We took shelter at the bottom of a flight of stairs, and we were reciting the Shahada and praying to God to save us.”

Bakroun added that the besieged people were exposed to gunfire “like winter rain,” noting that his family was forced to bury the young man, Abdul Karim, in the building’s courtyard due to the siege.

The pictures obtained by Al Jazeera document traces of the blood of the young man, Abdul Karim Al Ramlawi, and the size of the holes caused by gunfire from snipers and Israeli vehicles that were stationed next to the house.

The young man, Khalil Al-Ramlawi, the brother of the martyr Abdul Karim, spoke from inside the room in which his brother was martyred, saying, “As soon as Karim stood in the vicinity of the window in the room, he was exposed to Israeli sniper fire, and he was hit by bullets in his head and chest and was martyred immediately. My little daughter was with me, and we fled from The room, then we were exposed to fire from all sides. The vehicles also fired an artillery shell, and the room caught fire. We pulled out my brother’s body, and these are the remains of the shell.”

Al-Ramlawi recounted the difficult moments that the family lived through due to the Israeli bombing and siege.

Previous testimonies obtained by Al Jazeera revealed the extent of the terror experienced by families in the neighborhoods of Al-Rimal, Tal Al-Hawa and Al-Sabra in Gaza City as a result of the incursion of the occupation forces and their targeting of everyone who moves in these areas.

Source: Al Jazeera