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Joe Biden and Seth Meyers at the taping of the talk show on Monday evening


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Taylor Swift as the democratic secret weapon in the US election campaign.

The conspiracy stories surrounding the currently most successful musician in the world have gained momentum in the past few weeks.

President Joe Biden has now joked about it on a late night show.

Would he be supported by Swift?

This is secret, Biden said during the taping of NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Monday evening.

Talk show host Meyers cited polls on the show that show 18 percent of Americans believe Biden and Swift are working together in some way.

“Can you confirm or deny that there is an active conspiracy between you and Ms. Swift?” Meyers asked with an obvious wink.

“Where did you get this information?” Biden said and laughed.

"This is strictly confidential."

Biden's appearance reportedly sought to reach a younger audience and address concerns about his age.

The 81-year-old has repeatedly been accused of verbal slip-ups; his harshest critics believe Biden is no longer in the mental state to lead the country as president.

Biden recently declined a public appearance at the Super Bowl.

Afterwards, Biden's team and the conservative broadcaster Fox blamed each other for it.

The problem: Biden is considered the most promising Democratic candidate to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president again.

Age and Trump were also topics on the talk show.

It's about how outdated the views are, said Biden.

So in a sense it's not about how old the person is.

Biden alluded to Trump's landmark ruling on abortion rights, Roe v.

Wade, contributed and was even proud of it.

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Joe Biden (r.) with ice cream in New York City

Photo: Jim Watson / AFP

Biden also made his rival's mental fitness an issue.

“You have to look at the other guy,” Biden said.

"He's about the same age as me, but he can't even remember his wife's name." Biden was referring to Trump's appearance at the conservative CPAC conference.

On social networks, Trump was accused of referring to his wife Melania as “Mercedes.”

Trump's former advisor Mercedes Schlapp was in the audience at the event.

After appearing on the talk show, Biden treated himself to ice cream with Meyers in the high-rise in New York City where the program was recorded.

When asked about a possible ceasefire in the Gaza war, Biden said that he hoped that one could come into force in the coming week.