Olivier Delacroix SEASON 2023 - 2024 05:00, February 27, 2024

Olivier Delacroix leaves near Rennes to meet Sandrine.

The life of this mother was turned upside down the day her son, aged 16, committed suicide.

She agreed to tell her story in this episode of the podcast “Dans les yeux d’Olivier” produced by Europe 1 Studio.

Sandrine has four children.

In 2017, after a usual afternoon with her family, she discovered the body of her son, Christopher, lifeless in her bedroom.

The young boy committed suicide.

For Sandrine, it's total incomprehension.

His son is a happy, joyful and passionate boy.

Looking at her Facebook account, she discovers with amazement the numerous harassing messages from her classmates.

Insults and mockery, the young man lived a real hell in silence every day.

Sandrine then decides to contact the college director, who at this stage does not take any measures to punish the attackers.

A few weeks later, many students confided to the mother their testimonies about the harassment that Christopher suffered at school.

Statements which suggest that the teachers were probably aware... Today, Sandrine fights against school bullying thanks to an association of which she is part.

She hopes to help young people to no longer be ashamed and to dare to speak out.

In this episode of the podcast “Dans les yeux d'Olivier” produced by Europe 1 Studio, Sandrine opens up about the loss of her son and hopes one day to know the whole truth about what he suffered. 

In Olivier's Eyes is a Europe 1 studio production

Presenter: Olivier Delacroix

Produced by: Lisa Soster

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