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  • Hollywood Tippi Hedren, the unknown blonde model whose life Hitchcock turned into an ordeal: "It was sexual and perverse"

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She was one of the most accomplished actresses of Hollywood's golden era.

However, Tippi Hedren

would no longer retain her extensive


career in her memory.

The former model, mother of fellow performer Melanie Griffith (66), turned 94 last January.

An anniversary that she would not have been able to enjoy in full use of her mental faculties.

"She suffers from dementia and does not remember her career,"

the artist's representative told Spanish journalist

Gustavo Egusquiza

, after asking for an interview.

To date, her family has maintained absolute discretion regarding the

state of health and whereabouts of the American interpreter


Tippi Hedren has a movie life that she can't remember clearly.

Neither in her best nor in her worst moments.

She started out as a model and

Alfred Hitchcock fell in love with her charm.

Blonde, young and beautiful,

the filmmaker made her the protagonist of

The Birds


A film debut with which she won a

Golden Globe.

Tippi Hedren with Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas in 2010GTRES

Hitchcock would hire her again for films

Marnie the Thief


The Birds 2: The End of the World (1964).

A work that made many other filmmakers, such as Charles Chaplin, take notice of her.

Her career lasted for decades

, ending in 2010. Although the master of suspense brought her to stardom, she herself said that

he sexually harassed her and touched her

inappropriately during filming.

"He was sexual and perverse.

The more I objected, the more aggressive he became," he wrote in his biography.



on him were horrible as there were things I was supposed to do that I refused and I told him

to terminate my contract.

He replied that I couldn't because I had a daughter to take care of and my parents were getting older."

By then, Tippi

was already the mother of Melanie Griffith.

She had her only daughter with Peter Griffith, whom

she married in 1952 and divorced in 1961.

Shortly before her film career took off.

She is also

the grandmother of actress

Dakota Johnson, star of 50 Shades of Gray and the result of Melanie's relationship with actor Don Johnson.

She was also the mother-in-law of Antonio Banderas, during the almost 20 years that her daughter was married to the Spanish heartthrob.