Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-11:33

  • Madrid The two youtubers Petazetaz arrested for sexually assaulting and recording five minors after drugging them in their apartment in Madrid


, some well-known Madrid youtubers, have been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting and recording five minors, after drugging them, in their apartment in Villa de Vallecas, in Madrid.

These streamers have more than 30,000 followers on


and more than 42,000 on



The young people,

Jose Hernan AG



, are two content creators for social networks who upload 'humor' videos of dubious taste that they then share with the hashtag #teamcoco.

"We are a somewhat peculiar duo. Follow us on all Instagram and Tiktok networks," they introduced themselves on one of their accounts.

In several of the videos on their networks they can be seen with

young girls in an apartment

, although it cannot yet be confirmed that any of them are one of the five minors who have reported the couple of streamers.

One of the two arrested, aged 30, has been imprisoned


the alleged perpetrator of two crimes of sexual assault, one crime of rape, exhibitionism, child pornography and five crimes against public health.

The second detainee is charged with the crime of sexual assault.