Stéphane Bern SEASON 2023 - 2024 4:00 p.m., February 27, 2024

Stéphane Bern recounts, on the occasion of the 430 years that separate us from his coronation, a sovereign, king of Navarre before becoming king of France, ready to do anything to keep his place on the throne in the face of a people who, in the midst of wars of religion, wanted to dislodge him.

Or the true story of Henry IV, the “good king”, as history has nicknamed him, a “good king” yet unloved…

How, in a kingdom torn apart by religious wars, did Henry IV did he legitimize his power?

What was his relationship to Protestantism after his conversion to Catholicism?

How was the myth of “good King Henry” built after his death?

To talk about it, Stéphane Bern receives Jean-Christian Petitfils, historian, biographer of the Bourbons, and author of a biography "Henri IV" (Perrin)

Historically Yours is produced by Loic Vimard.

Editor-in-chief: Benjamin Delsol.

Author of the story: Eloi Audoin-Rouzeau.

Journalist: Armelle Thiberge.