“I think it would be more correct for them to leave there... We ourselves will protect the borders of our country,” RIA Novosti quotes Simonyan.

According to the speaker of parliament, the borders of Armenia became “more vulnerable” due to certain actions of Russian border guards.

The agency recalls that the system of protecting the border of Armenia with Turkey and Iran has been preserved since the times of the USSR: the FSB border department in Armenia includes four detachments - in Gyumri, Armavir, Artashat and Meghri, as well as a separate checkpoint at Zvartnots airport.

The Russian Foreign Ministry previously recalled that ensuring the security of Armenia is not possible without cooperation in the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

At the same time, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in an interview with France24 TV channel, claimed that Yerevan had frozen its participation in the CSTO.

Moscow then noted that there was no clarity regarding Armenia’s statement.