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Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-13:51

  • Courts High officials declare that the order to contract with Koldo's corrupt plot came from "the minister's entourage"

  • Politics The PP creates a commission of investigation into the Koldo case in the Senate to which it will bring Sánchez, Marlaska, Armengol, Puente, Torres, Illa and Cerdán

The PP does not ease its foot on the accelerator.

Nor will it do so while the 'Koldo case' scandal lasts, due to the alleged corruption plot in which

Koldo García Izaguirre

, advisor to former minister José Luis Ábalos, and the company Soluciones de Gestión y Apoyo a Empresas SL, participated, which sold masks to the

Ministry of Transport

and the governments of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

In fact, what the PP is doing is raising the seriousness of the case a little more every day.

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group,

Miguel Tellado

, has pointed not only to the President of the Government, who also, but to the existence of a clique that he has baptized as "the Peugeot gang", made up of four people: "





Santos Cerdán

[Ferraz's number three] and



The reference to the Peugeot refers to the fact that, before the PSOE primaries, Pedro Sánchez toured Spain in a

Peugeot 407


And, as EL MUNDO reported, his driver in the northern part of the country was Koldo García Izaguirre, the epicenter of the cyclone that now threatens the socialists.

"Spain is in the hands of the Peugeot gang. Sánchez tells it in his book. Koldo at the wheel, Ábalos as co-driver and Cerdán and Sánchez in the back," Tellado metaphorized in a press conference in Congress after the Meeting of Spokespersons of the Low camera.

"At the moment two have fallen, but Cerdán and Sánchez owe the Spanish a lot of explanations," he added.

In reality, what Sánchez cites in his book 'Manual of resistance' is that Koldo was "a member of the candidacy" and was the one who "stayed to sleep in the office to guard the endorsements."

The PP wants to denounce that the case "far surpasses Koldo and Ábalos" and that, therefore, it is impossible for the President of the Government to be free of political responsibility.

"They were a clan," say 'popular' sources.

"This is the Sánchez case: no one believes that an advisor who worked as a driver closed million-dollar contracts in several ministries and autonomous communities without the supervision of his boss. And no one believes that Pedro Sánchez did not know what one of his most collaborators was doing. nearby," Tellado detailed.

"If Sánchez didn't know, it was negligence," he added.

"And if he knew it and did nothing," he covered up an alleged crime.

On the other hand, Tellado has announced that the PP is going to register "a battery of questions" about the role played by the ministers

Fernando Grande-Marlaska


Óscar Puente


Ángel Víctor Torres

, as well as the president of Congress and the head of the Executive himself. .

"This case is not the past, this case is present. Those involved cannot continue one more day without giving explanations," Tellado insisted.

In addition, he has also targeted the leaders of the Ministry of Transport and its public companies, such as

Pedro Saura

, former Secretary of State, or the senior officials of Adif, Renfe and Ports.

But his big game is the general secretary of the PSOE: "If Ábalos resigns, will Sánchez also resign? The president of the Government deserves a separate piece. He has not given even the first explanation. Did he perhaps offer him a way out as a deputy? Has he obstructed the action of Justice by action or by omission?

Finally, Tellado has once again closed the door on the investigation commission that the PSOE has registered in Congress on all mask purchases.

He prefers to focus on the one that the PP has introduced in the Senate.