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Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-15:52

The warning bell was already ringing to the deputies indicating that the Plenary Session is about to start, but José Luis Ábalos captured the absolute attention of each of the parliamentarians, advisors and journalists who were in Congress this



The press room of the Lower House had not experienced an appearance like that of the former Minister of

Public Works

for a long time , full of lapidary phrases, denials towards his own colleagues in the ranks and even darts at the President of the Government to justify his move to the

Group Mixed

despite the fact that the PSOE demanded that he hand over the deputy's certificate.

The non-existent "reflection"

"I would have liked to have the benefit of camaraderie and to have shared a reflection along the path of calm and moderation," lamented the Valencian deputy as a reproach to the PSOE after pointing out and pressuring him to resign due to his links with Koldo García, formerly his advisor. in the ministry and today the main person involved in the corruption plot that affects the process of purchasing masks by the Administration at the worst moment of the pandemic.

"Until the last consequences"

"I am determined to defend my personal honor and as a deputy to the last consequences. I would have liked to have done so supported by my party. I contributed to the formation of a progressive Government and to unite militancy," Ábalos recalled to denounce the lack of understanding and dialogue with his party, which has immediately announced his precautionary suspension as a member.

"I face all the power"

Now, he has stated, he will move to the Mixed Group, from where he hopes to continue defending his "honorability."

"I face all the political power, from one side and the other," she stated.

He has precisely justified his permanence by not giving more ammunition to the right, at the same time that he has denounced the "hunt" that he has been experiencing for a long time due to the "media terminals" of the right.

A "political stinker"

"If I resigned it would be understood that I assume some responsibility and I do not assume it. I know what a political stinker is. And with that the hunt against other people would not end," the former Minister of Development has expressed to emphasize that he has no type of involvement in this plot.

Much of his intervention has been based on a defense of the protocol designed by his department for the purchase of medical supplies during the pandemic.

"I have no one"

During his speech, the former Secretary of the Socialist Organization justified his lack of intention to profit financially from politics, while detailing how the party has been turning its back on him in recent times.

"I come alone in my car, I don't have a secretary, I don't have anyone next to or behind me."

What's more, he has asserted that if he had made the decision based on the economic issue, it might have been worth it for him to leave the seat, as the party demanded.