Jordanian King Abdullah II (Reuters)

Jordanian King Abdullah II said on Tuesday that humanitarian aid directed to the Gaza Strip must be doubled, to prevent the worsening hunger crisis that affects more than two million people.

Official media reported that the Jordanian King told USAID Director Samantha Power - who is currently visiting Amman - that the international community must increase pressure on Israel to ease restrictions imposed on the flow of food supplies to the Strip.

Officials say that Jordan is urging its Western allies to pressure Israel to increase the amounts of aid coming from the Kingdom through the Kerem Shalom crossing on the border between Egypt, Israel and Gaza, in addition to the current Rafah crossing.

On the other hand, King Abdullah arrived at a military air base to supervise the take-off of 7 C-130 military transport planes, 3 of which were from Jordan and 4 planes from Egypt, Qatar, France, and the Emirates.

The planes will carry out airdrops of food supplies onto the Gaza coast for the second day.

Yesterday, Monday, Jordan sent 4 planes, in cooperation with the French side, to land food supplies for thousands of displaced people who took refuge on the Gaza coast.

Previous airdrops included medicines and humanitarian aid to hospitals run by the Jordanian army in Gaza.

It is noteworthy that Israel has been waging a devastating aggression against Gaza since last October 7, which has so far led to the death of more than 30,000 martyrs and about 70,000 wounded, most of whom are women and children.

In conjunction with the aggression, Israel imposes a tight siege on Gaza and prevents humanitarian aid from reaching the population, while international organizations warn of the spread of hunger and diseases in the Strip.

Source: Reuters