Democratic voters intend not to vote for Biden in the Michigan elections (French)

Reuters quoted officials in the Democratic Party and the White House that the election campaign of US President Joe Biden was surprised by the extent of anger and frustration within the party over Washington’s support for Israel in its war on Gaza and other issues.

The agency also quoted a senior adviser to Biden's election campaign as saying that the party was harmed by its support for Israel in a way that was more than expected.

In a lengthy report that highlighted the escalation of protests within the Democratic Party 9 months before the presidential elections, American officials said that anger over Biden’s handling of the Gaza war may lead to a decline in support for him.

The agency noted the escalation of calls from activists in the Democratic Party not to vote for Biden in the presidential elections, during which he is supposed to face the potential Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump.

She said that the US President faces a test today, Tuesday, in the Democratic Party primary elections in the state of Michigan, where there are large numbers of voters of Arab origins, amid calls to mark the “non-committed” option on the ballot papers in these elections, which means not voting for Biden. .

About 50% of the 50 Democratic Party activists interviewed by Reuters said that they intend not to vote in the upcoming presidential elections, and may give their votes to a third party other than the Democratic and Republican parties.

The report indicated that anger at Biden's policies, especially with regard to his support for Israel in its war on Gaza and his refusal to call for a permanent ceasefire, is rising among young people and Americans of Arab and African descent.

On the other hand, Biden campaign spokesman Seth Shuster said that the US President will work to win every vote, adding that his campaign will continue to communicate directly with voters on a number of issues, including sustainable peace in the Middle East.

Source: Reuters