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Participants in a demo in Dresden registered by right-wing extremists

Photo: Sylvio Dittrich / IMAGO

The public prosecutor's office and the state security agency are investigating fake "Tagesschau" reports that were played at demonstrations in Dresden.

These AI-generated audio files gave the impression that speakers from the ARD news program were apologizing for alleged lies in the reporting, as the police explained.

There is an initial suspicion of defamation and insult.

The state security agency is also investigating charges of sedition.

The fake news reports were played by the organizers on Monday and repeatedly in the past at meetings in Dresden.

These were so-called Monday demonstrations that have been directed against government policy and specifically against energy and refugee policy or Germany's actions in the Ukraine war for years.

According to the information, the investigations are related to individual AI-generated speeches that relate to the refugee situation.

State security investigators spoke with the organizer of the meetings to identify potential threats.

Playing the audio files was prohibited for this and future rallies.

According to the police, earlier files are now also being evaluated.

If necessary, this will be included in the investigation.