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The president of the Île-de-France region Valérie Pécresse announced that metros and trains in the Paris region will no longer stop until help arrives in the event of a passenger illness.

A new process has been validated and will make it possible to remove people who have fallen ill from trains so that they can wait for help on the platforms. 

Parisian metros and suburban trains will no longer be required to stop until help arrives in the event of a passenger feeling unwell in a train, who may be moved to a platform, the company announced on Tuesday on BFM Business. president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse.

“We made decisions, finally, that I had been waiting for years,” underlined the woman who also chairs the Ile-de-France Mobilités transport authority (IDFM).


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The victims will be moved

“On travel discomfort, we have a doctrine which is absurd, which is not that of London, not that of Tokyo,” she continued.

“When someone faints in the metro, instead of taking them out of the train to make them breathe, we keep them as if they had suffered a shock from a road accident, we put them in PLS (position safety side), we stop the train and wait for help to arrive,” she said.

“We have finally had the validation of a Samu protocol, so for unwell travelers, we will no longer stop the metro trains,” she rejoiced.

People who are unwell will be moved to the platform while waiting for help to allow the train to continue its journey.

According to IDFM, a social dialogue was started at RATP in February to deploy this new measure and discuss it with drivers and station agents.


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An implementation before the Olympic Games

A line-by-line social dialogue must take place in March, then the agents will be trained for implementation in June, "before the Olympic Games", indicated IDFM.

A deadline confirmed by the RATP which ensures that training "for all metro and RER drivers, as well as train station agents" will begin within a few weeks.

"In the same way for suspicious packages, in many countries, we take them out of the train, we put them on the platform. We are in Vigipirate, so we won't do that, but what we are going to do ", is that we are going to put dog brigades in to sniff the packages and in a quarter of an hour remove the doubt", also added the president of the regional council.

Sniffer dogs are a rare and difficult to find resource, essential for transport operators to smooth traffic on lines where the number of abandoned luggage has increased considerably in recent years.