As Medvedev noted, the current president of France “has two problems at once.”

“At first, urine probably hit his head, and then he became incontinent,” the deputy chairman of the Security Council wrote on Telegram.

Medvedev recalled Macron’s words that Europe “for security” needs the defeat of Russia, and therefore “it is necessary to send extended-range missiles to the Nazis in Kyiv and consider the issue of sending troops of individual NATO states into the Northwestern Military District zone.”

“Or it’s time to change the diet: oysters and champagne are a good thing, but he’s not a boy anymore.

Verbal enuresis at his age is dangerous.

And people around me don’t like it either.

The smell, you know...” wrote the deputy chairman of the Security Council.

French President Emmanuel Macron earlier announced plans to “create a ninth coalition for deep strikes” to supply bombs and long-range missiles to Ukraine.

He also said that the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine cannot be ruled out.

The Kremlin subsequently warned that if Western troops were sent to Ukraine, a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia would be inevitable.