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Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-16:43

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King Harald of Norway,


, has been hospitalized in Malaysia for

an infection

, the Norwegian royal house said in a statement.

The monarch was on

a private trip

to the Southeast Asian country.

"His Majesty the King has fallen ill during his holiday stay in Malaysia and is hospitalized there with an infection. The King is receiving good care from both Malaysian and Norwegian medical staff," the Norwegian royal house said.

Crown Prince Haakon replaces him in his absence.

King Harald has been on the throne since 1991 and is

Europe's oldest monarch


A few months ago, the sovereign was admitted to his country for the same reason.

Norway has had to implement the temporary regency mechanism many times in recent years.

The first time the heir replaced King Harald was in 2003, when the sovereign underwent surgery for bladder cancer.

Recently it was due to a

severe respiratory infection