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  • Fourth child Santiago Pedraz will be a father again at the age of 64 with his girlfriend Elena Hormigos

  • Hunted Judge Pedraz, in love again: she is a legal advisor

Santiago Pedraz

and Elena Hormigos

met in December 2022 and have already said

"I do"


The couple got

married secretly before a notary

in Madrid and with only five guests, among whom was their four-month-old son, as Beatriz Cortázar announced in

And now Sonsoles


It was all very


and several guests ended up

feeling emotional

, the journalist highlighted.

After the ceremony, the judge and the legal advisor went

to eat at a restaurant near

the notary's office with some of the guests.

The judge's

three oldest children , Santiago Jr. and Alejandro, the result of his marriage to

Marisa Martí

, did not attend


and Nicolás, born during his relationship with journalist

Paula Arenas


But there is talk of a

future party

to celebrate the big day with all of his loved ones.

It should be remembered that this is the third marriage for the magistrate and

the second for Hormigos,

who is divorced.

The couple, walking their newborn son.GTRES

Elena was

wearing a white jacket and pants suit.

Santiago, for his part, did the same, but opted for

a look without a tie

to give the style a modern feel.

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Esther Doña, on Judge Pedraz's new relationship: "No lady has a future with him"

  • Editorial: GTRES

Esther Doña, on Judge Pedraz's new relationship: "No lady has a future with him"

Last November they became

parents to a boy, Jacobo


"He was not in the pools, but he is

a very wanted baby.

He has arrived earlier than they estimated," as reported by Cortazar in

It's Federico's Morning


This will be the fourth child for the judge, and the first for her.

At the moment, the newly married couple

has not spoken publicly

about this matter, nor did they do so when the romance began, punctuated by controversy, because the judge would have met the young economist only four months after

unexpectedly breaking up

their marriage. relationship and his marriage commitment to Esther Doña

, widow of the Marquis of Griñón,

Pedraz and Hormigos were introduced by a mutual friend and began a relationship.


he lawyer became pregnant

when they had barely been dating for four months.

News that left

everyone speechless,

including Esther, who called it


since the couple is

28 years apart.

Despite everything, both have always tried to

shield their privacy

despite the obvious exposure that haunts them.

It is even known that they have

the same tattoo:

the infinity symbol.