Italy: Alessandra Todde of the 5 Star Movement, elected in Sardinia, first electoral setback for Giorgia Meloni

The 5 Star Movement MP, Alessandra Todde, won the regional elections in Sardinia thanks to an alliance between her party led by Giuseppe Conte and the Democratic Party, the leading opposition force, led by Elly Schlein.

Its success represents a failure for the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, who had in fact imposed it on her allies in the government.

Alessandra Todde in 2020. KONTROLAB/LightRocket via Getty - KONTROLAB

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From our correspondent in Rome


Anne le Nir

An electoral success obtained down to the wire: 45.3% of the votes for Alessandra Todde against 45% for the candidate of the right-wing and far-right coalition, Paolo Struzzu, mayor of Cagliari.

An engineer by training, Alessandra Todde, 55, is the first female president of Sardinia.

She succeeds Christian Solinas, a politician close to Salvini's League, elected in 2019. Although her score is very close to that of her opponent, Paolo Struzzu, her victory marks a hard blow for the head of government who wanted bring to power in Sardinia, according to his autocratic leadership style, a man from his party,

Fratelli d'Italia


The executive is not called into question

,” insist the leaders of the ruling coalition.

But in a context of social unrest, this is the first time, since the 2022 legislative elections, that

Giorgia Meloni

has suffered a failure.

And this, two weeks before an upcoming regional election in Abruzzo and with the European elections approaching.

For the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement, the success of their electoral alliance paves the way for a strengthening of the opposition at the national level.

In short, according to the optimistic declarations of the leaders of these two parties, Elly Schlein and Giuseppe Conte, “

a new wind can blow over Italy


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