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In the news: immigration: Biden and Trump go to the border with Mexico

This Thursday, President Joe Biden and his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump will both visit two Texas border towns, Brownsville and Eagle Pass, respectively.


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Immigration: Biden and Trump go to the border with Mexico

Immigration at the heart of the American presidential campaign.

This Thursday, President Joe Biden and his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump, will both visit two Texas border towns, Brownsville and Eagle Pass, respectively.

For the

Washington Post

, it's a sign that the two main presidential candidates

 are "vying for advantage on the issue of immigration, creating a rare split screen 


Biden and Trump “ 

should vehemently accuse each other of being responsible for the chaos at the border

 ,” writes the

Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, Joe Biden will seek to “

 take the initiative on the issue of illegal immigration, which polls show has been politically damaging to him


His visit highlights “ 

his political vulnerability after suffering sustained attacks from Republicans over the record number of migrants at the border 

,” concludes the

Washington Post


Arrest of Venezuelan migrant accused of murder of student

This news item is likely to further inflame the debate on immigration, believes the

New York Times


A Venezuelan migrant has been arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of a 22-year-old nursing student.

This personal tragedy which occurred in Athens, where the university is located, near Atlanta, “

 crystallizes the tensions around American immigration policy 



New York Times

points out that former President Donald Trump was quick to call the Venezuelan migrant a “


 ,” before accusing President Joe Biden of being behind an “ 


 ” that “ 

kill our fellow citizens


Statements strongly condemned by the Democrats.

Athens-Clarke County Mayor Kelly Gitz said the debate should " 

focus on grieving the victim and blaming an individual rather than a group 


Haiti finally has a control tower and radar coverage

The Inter-American Development Bank's project to finance a modern control tower and radar coverage in Haiti is welcomed by 

Le Nouvelliste



For the first time in our history

 ,” writes Frantz Duval in his editorial, “ 

by 2025, airport authorities will know the real state of air traffic, identify planes crossing national airspace and be able to bill aircraft


Because Haiti does not until now have “ 

perfect knowledge of the flows in its sky 

”, recalls

Le Nouvelliste


According to the newspaper, a similar situation of

“blackout also exists for territorial waters and other areas of jurisdiction at the maritime level.

We don't really know what's happening at sea on our peninsula.

We do not exercise our sovereignty in our maritime territory.


Why has President Maduro toughened his policy towards the United States and the opposition?

This is the question that El Nacional

asks itself


President Nicolas Maduro had moved closer to the United States, but decided to change his policy.

 After months of apparently less tense relations with the Joe Biden administration, the Maduro regime made decisions that surprised many observers 

,” writes

El Nacional


The newspaper cites the closure of the UN human rights office, the arrest of activist Rocio San Miguel and the confirmation by the courts of the ineligibility of Maria Corina Machado, the main opposition candidate for the 'presidential election.

Behind this change lies “ 

a decline in support from its traditional base

 ”, according to sources close to the Chavista power interviewed by the Reuters agency, reports

El Nacional


In fact, according to the agency cited by the newspaper


the popularity rating of the Maduro government has fallen recently, which could be one of the reasons for the hardening of its policies.

The newspaper cites a recent poll carried out by Delphos, according to which " 

only 25% of the population supports the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), compared to 30% a year earlier


» According to a source close to the PSUV, Nicolas Maduro would be well aware of the fact that if there were free elections, he would lose.


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