In Guinea, Amadou Oury Bah appointed Prime Minister by the Transition

Guinea has a new Prime Minister.

Amadou Oury Bah was appointed by the president of the Transition.

The announcement was made this Tuesday, February 27, in the evening on national television, through the reading of a decree.

At the head of a political party, the Union of Democrats for the Renaissance of Guinea (URDG), he replaces Bernard Goumou whose government was dissolved a week ago, on February 19. 

Amadou Oury Bah, former vice-president of the main Guinean opposition party, the UFDG.

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With our correspondent in Conakry, 

Matthias Raynal

Amadou Oury Bah entered politics in the 1990s. A member of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea, which he helped to found, he was for six months, in 2008, minister responsible for national reconciliation.

The only position he holds in a government before his appointment this Tuesday evening.

Amadou Bah Oury moved away from the UFDG until being

excluded from the party in 2016

, the opponent ended up creating the UDRG, the Union of Democrats for the Renaissance of Guinea, in 2020.

In recent months, he had become one of the rare supporters of the junta in the face of a political class at odds with the military.

At 65 years old – he was born in 1958 in Pita, in the center of the country – he was chosen by the President of the Transition to replace Bernard Goumou just eight days after the dissolution of his government.

He inherits a country in difficulty where a social and political crisis is taking hold.

Increased prices, broken dialogue with the main political parties regarding the Transition... Added to this has recently been a standoff between the authorities and the unions.

The latter launched

a general strike

yesterday .

In particular, they demand an end to media censorship, but also a reduction in the prices of basic necessities.

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