In preparation for emergencies, the government is making adjustments to build new shelters on remote islands in Okinawa Prefecture.

After positioning it as a ``Specified Temporary Evacuation Facility'', we envision that it will be a sturdy structure with an outer wall of at least 30 centimeters thick, and we plan to compile design guidelines by the end of March.

Keeping in mind the so-called "Taiwan Emergency," the government is considering measures to protect residents of nearby remote islands in Okinawa Prefecture, and one concrete measure is to provide temporary shelter to residents who were unable to evacuate. We are currently making adjustments to create a new shelter that will receive a lot of requests.

The new shelter will be designated as a ``Specified Temporary Evacuation Facility'' and will be built with a sturdy reinforced concrete structure with an outer wall of at least 30 centimeters thick to withstand missile blasts. It is assumed that it will be installed underground.

The scale of accommodation will be determined according to the actual situation of the local government, but no matter the scale, it will be necessary to secure about 2 square meters of space for each evacuee, as well as stockpiling warehouses, electrical and communication equipment, etc., and keep the accommodation for about two weeks. wants to create an environment where they can protect themselves.

The government plans to compile design guidelines that reflect these details by the end of March and present them to local governments.