French President Macron said there was "no agreement" on the possibility of Western countries sending ground troops to Ukraine, where Russia continues to invade Ukraine, but said "nothing should be ruled out." .

On the 26th, in Paris, the capital of France, to mark the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, leaders and ministers from more than 20 countries, including European countries and the United States, held a meeting to discuss support for Ukraine. .

Prior to this meeting, Reuters and other news outlets reported that Prime Minister Fitzo of Slovakia, who takes a negative stance on military aid to Ukraine, said, ``Some Western countries are considering sending troops to Ukraine.'' I did.

After the meeting, President Macron was asked at a press conference about the possibility of the West sending ground troops to Ukraine, and responded, ``During the meeting, a variety of discussions took place in a free and direct manner. "There is no agreement to send ground forces, but nothing should be ruled out."

He also said, "France takes a position that does not define its strategy. It is because of our objective not to let Russia win."

However, he did not disclose the specific exchanges during the meeting.

On the other hand, at this meeting, the participating countries agreed to form a new framework with the aim of providing further medium- and long-range missiles to Ukraine. At a time when the continuation of military support is uncertain, France is taking the lead in demonstrating the cooperation of each country.