In a conversation with RIA Novosti, the governor expressed bewilderment at how the “Kiev clique” acted in this locality.

“At the same time, Zelensky used Krynki for his PR, primarily in the eyes of Western sponsors.

And there, too, they are still geniuses, not much smarter.

So, it probably suited them,” added Saldo.

On February 20, the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu, at a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, announced that the village of Krynki in the Kherson region had been cleared of Ukrainian military personnel.

The enemy's losses there exceeded 3 thousand people.

As the minister emphasized, Ukrainian troops planned to break through Russian defenses in this area and concentrated four brigades of the 30th Marine Corps near the settlement in order to create a bridgehead for further advance and deployment of forces.