American journalist John Stewart criticized Israel and America because of the war on Gaza (Al Jazeera)

The famous American journalist, John Stewart, condemned Israel and the massacres it is committing in Gaza. He also criticized the administration of US President Joe Biden, asking what it means “that we give Israel bombs with which to kill the Palestinians, and then tell them: Be careful while you blow them up?”

Stewart reviewed the atrocities of the war on Gaza in the third episode of his program “The Daily Show” on the American “Comedy Central” channel, and re-narrated the war since the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation on the seventh of last October.

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He also condemned the killing operations that led to the martyrdom of nearly 30,000 martyrs, and the transformation of Gaza into a place unfit for life after the destruction of housing, the sabotage of infrastructure, and the complete cutting off of supplies to the Gaza Strip.

Stewart stressed that this destruction would only lead to an increase in the number of “new militants,” and asked, while the screen in the background showed a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying, “Are you planning to eliminate Hamas by destroying all of Gaza?”

Then he explained, "If the goal is to eliminate Hamas, it is not the population of people in Gaza, but rather an idea. Do you have a bomb that kills ideas? I mean, how long would it take to even destroy an idea?"

Then many statesmen attacked Americans for having too much sympathy for civilians in Ukraine, while remaining silent about those dying in Gaza.

"Kill them gently"

Regarding the Biden administration's urging of Israel to be more careful, Stewart quipped, saying, "Can you be more careful when you bomb? That's good advice. But couldn't the United States have told Israel that when we gave them all the bombs? They're our bombs."

He added, "No one seems to have the incentive to stop the suffering of innocent people in this region, whether it is Israel, the United States, the United Nations, or the Arab countries."

Stewart proceeded to present his own plan for peace in the region, which he called the Middle East Treaty Organization, also known as METO.

The plan was as follows: “Starting now, there are no preconditions, no gained trust, and no partners for peace. Only Israel stops the bombing, and Hamas releases the hostages. The Arab countries that claim Palestine as their top priority come to form a demilitarized zone between... Israel and the free Palestinian state, by which I mean Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Jordan, all form an alliance that guarantees security for both sides.”

Jon Stewart concluded his talk about his plan by saying, "Anything is better than where we are now."

The satirical journalist announced at the beginning of the segment, which lasted 13 minutes, in a comedic form, that he did not condemn Hamas. To begin with, he mocked the question that dozens of Western television programs repeated at the beginning of every interview with each guest, which was, “Do you condemn Hamas?” And he added sarcastically, “We are not responsible.” About anything, whether condemning or not condemning, and not condemning does not mean that we do not condemn.

Biden, Putin, and Netanyahu

Since his return to his program two weeks ago, Jon Stewart talked about the American presidential race and Russian President Vladimir Putin, then in the third episode last Monday he moved to the war on Gaza.

Stewart began presenting the program in 1999, succeeding journalist Craig Kilburn, and withdrew in the fall of 2015, less than two months after Trump announced his 2016 presidential campaign.

In 2015, he presented a program called “The Problem with Jon Stewart” on Apple Plus, but it was canceled after only two seasons.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies