Democrats are preparing to play the Russian interference card again ahead of the U.S. presidential election, said Republican House lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“The Democrats will once again lecture everyone around them, accuse us of “Russian disinformation” and call us “Russian sympathizers” for uncovering (the scheme -


) the abuse of influence of the Biden family, which enriched them by tens of millions of dollars.

"They will call Republicans who refuse to fund the war in Ukraine... something like 'Russian so-and-so,' ignoring the fact that we just want to protect our border and don't want to pay for any more CIA wars," Greene said.

The legislator also noted that the Democrats’ policies are “so bad” and the Joe Biden administration is “doing its job so badly” that the White House can only continue to blame Trump and “scream about Russia.”

Greene recalled that Biden and his administration created the conditions for a “disastrous invasion of more than 10 million illegal immigrants” into the United States, “destroyed the value” of the dollar with high inflation and a “lousy energy-killing” Green New Deal plan.

“So for those of us who are just concerned about America, about Americans, about our hard-earned American taxpayer dollars, be prepared to be called 'Russian so-and-so's' because the Democrats, knowing that Trump will win, they plan not to recognize his victory in the election and are preparing to impeach him again when he becomes president again;

this time (they -


) will try to drag us into their dangerous adventures even more - and all for the sake of political power!”

- Green noted.

As the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, previously stated, Moscow “is not surprised” by such insinuations associated with “a compilation of outright speculation, gossip and complete Russophobic attacks.”

“Their reasons lie in the (Biden) administration’s uncertainty


the correctness and effectiveness of methods for solving problems both at home and in the international arena.

They cannot come to terms with the fact that they are not achieving their stated goals and are losing their position as a world hegemon.

And therefore, as has become the order of things, they are looking for the “culprits” on the side.

This role has invariably been assigned to Russia in recent years,” Antonov noted, adding that the White House presents the Russian Federation “as an irreconcilable enemy.”

"Obvious bias"

Let us recall that Russia has repeatedly denied attempts to interfere in the US presidential elections attributed to it in the past.

At the same time, the version of Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia in the 2016 elections was ultimately refuted by the American authorities themselves.

Thus, in May 2023, a report by US Special Prosecutor John Durham was published, which states that the Federal Bureau of Investigation unfoundedly suspected the 45th American president of “conspiracy” with the Russian Federation, since neither the intelligence community nor law enforcement had “any real evidence » such connections.

The special counsel concluded that the FBI should not have opened the investigation in 2016, which was based on “raw, unanalyzed and unconfirmed information” and was launched hastily.

According to Durham, the US Department of Justice and the FBI failed to cope with their “important mandate of strict adherence to the letter of the law.”

“There is a continued need for the FBI and DOJ to acknowledge that insufficient analysis, apparent confirmation bias, and an overreliance on accepting information from individuals associated with political opponents have resulted in investigators failing to adequately consider alternative hypotheses and investigated allegations of collusion or conspiracy between a U.S. campaign and a foreign power without due objectivity or restraint,” the special counsel’s report noted.

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As Donald Trump said after the publication of this report, the document with “meticulous research” indicates that “the American people have been deceived.”

The Kremlin also commented on the report.

According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, “those who were involved in the investigation” confirmed the absurdity of the accusations against Russia “that were heard” in the United States. 

"Political technology strategy"

As political scientist Vladimir Shapovalov, a member of the board of the Russian Association of Political Science, noted, American legislator Green’s concerns about the Democrats’ plans to launch a new campaign against Russia, accusing it of interfering in the US presidential election, are well founded.

“The concern of Greene and probably other representatives of the Republican Party that this card will be played again is quite understandable and has very specific grounds.

We see that the ruling democrats are making active efforts to, on the one hand, discredit their opponents - the Republicans, and on the other, to fan hysteria around the so-called Russian threat,” Shapovalov explained in a commentary to RT.

According to him, the likelihood that the Democrats will adhere to this strategy is “almost one hundred percent.”

“Given that this mechanism has been tested for a long time - since 2016 - the same thing will happen now.

Democrats will begin to actively convince the electorate of Trump’s alleged connection with Russia, even despite the fact that Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, quite clearly indicated that Biden, as a completely systemic and predictable politician, would be more acceptable to the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Putin also indicated that Russia intends to work with any American president.

However, despite these explanations, the old song is still being started in the United States that Trump is allegedly somehow connected with the Russian Federation, and this narrative will be actively used by his opponents,” the analyst is convinced.

The expert also noted that the Democratic Party is in a losing position, being “hostage to one of the most unpopular presidents since the founding of the United States and the course of his administration.”

“Biden is shrouded in a trail of scandals, including criminal, family and corruption.

The president's physical condition is also a cause for concern.

And when Democrats can't stop Trump from seeking re-election, they bring up the old Russian meddling bullshit.

This is their last trump card.

They manipulate public opinion, playing on Russophobic sentiments, which they themselves constantly feed through their propaganda resources,” Shapovalov said.

“Some Democrats have even come up with a methodology - they call Trump supporters the Putin wing of the Republican Party.

They are actively promoting the theme that Trump wants to destroy NATO.

But as a political technology strategy, this will not work against the backdrop of Biden’s low ratings.

Trump's agenda, which focuses on resolving pressing problems within America: migration, crime, drug addiction and everything else, looks more advantageous.

Now anti-Russian rhetoric is working worse and worse against Trump, and also resonates less and less with the aspirations of ordinary Americans.

Therefore, of course, they will try to somehow spin the story about Russian intervention, but I doubt that this will become the main agenda,” says American political scientist Malek Dudakov, in turn.

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The expert expressed confidence that, in addition to the topic of “Russian interference in the American elections,” the Democrats will also “actively promote rhetoric” in other areas.

“In particular, the scenario associated with accusations of Trump’s illegitimacy due to his alleged organization of the insurrection on January 6 with the storming of the Capitol looks quite realistic.

On this basis, Democrats will try to somehow block the certification of the election results through Congress.

The Democratic Party will also focus on “saving democracy.”

In this way, Joe Biden’s supporters will try to bite Trump and weaken his position in the elections,” Dudakov believes.

However, as Shapovalov noted, the Trump campaign and his supporters have their own plan to “repel this kind of accusation.”

“Donald Trump has the energy and charisma to find the right words and counteract the Democrats’ game.

This is not the first time he has had to fight off such attacks.

In addition, the Trumpists, apparently, are banking on exposing the corruption schemes of the Biden family, in every possible way torpedoing investigations and bringing forward numerous new accusations,” the expert concluded.