[Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Special Line] Xiamen launches "direct hospital service" to facilitate reimbursement of medical expenses for Taiwanese compatriots

  China News Service, Xiamen, February 26 (Reporter Yang Fushan) Starting from the 26th, it will be more convenient for Taiwanese compatriots to go to Xiamen to see a doctor and apply for Taiwan’s health insurance reimbursement (that is, reimbursement of medical expenses). They can handle hospitalization in one stop without leaving the hospital5 Notarization procedures for health insurance withdrawal for more than 5 days (including 5 days).

  On the 26th, the Xiamen Municipal Medical Insurance Department and the Lujiang Notary Office officially launched an "in-hospital direct service" for Taiwan compatriots who have been hospitalized for more than 5 days (including 5 days) at the Medical Insurance Service Station for Taiwan Compatriots of Xiamen Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

On February 26, Taiwanese compatriots who were seeking medical treatment in Xiamen were able to apply for notarization of Taiwan’s health insurance withdrawal through “direct processing within the hospital.”

(Photo courtesy of Xiamen Medical Insurance Bureau)

  The Xiamen Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau said that this move is the first of its kind in mainland China. Since its trial operation, it has successfully handled online direct certificate issuance services in the hospital for 7 Taiwanese compatriots.

"The notarization procedures involved in the withdrawal of health insurance originally required me to go to the notary office to handle it. Now I can do it directly in the hospital when I am discharged. It is very convenient for us Taiwanese compatriots." Mr. Liu, a Taiwanese compatriot who is hospitalized in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said as The first person to experience it couldn't help but sigh.

  It is understood that in order to solve the difficulties of Taiwan compatriots who participate in Taiwan’s health insurance in Xiamen to reimburse their medical expenses for medical treatment in Xiamen, such as the long journey, complicated procedures, and long deadlines, the Xiamen Municipal Medical Insurance Department has previously provided medical insurance for Taiwan compatriots at eight medical insurance service stations in the city. Taiwanese compatriots are provided with health insurance rebate and settlement services for outpatient services, emergency services and hospitalization within 5 days at the nearest location.

  However, the health insurance refund and settlement of medical expenses for Taiwan compatriots who have been hospitalized for more than 5 days (including 5 days) still requires the Taiwan compatriots to go through the notarization procedures at a mainland notary office after being discharged from the hospital. After obtaining the notarization, they can go to Taiwan to handle the follow-up matters, and become a resident in Taiwan. A major "annoyance" for Taiwan compatriots seeking medical treatment in mainland China.

  To this end, the Xiamen Municipal Medical Insurance Department, together with the Lujiang Notary Office and Xiamen Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, is the first in the country to implement the "medical insurance + notarization" service, and promotes the pilot move of the notarization process for Taiwan compatriots' health insurance withdrawal to the medical insurance service station for Taiwan compatriots, realizing "direct service within the hospital" "Online notarization" truly allows Taiwan compatriots to enjoy the convenience of medical treatment.

  After Taiwan compatriots complete the notarization process at the Medical Insurance Taiwan Compatriots Service Station, they can choose to mail or pick up the original notarization certificate. After receiving the original notarization certificate and confirming that the Taiwan Straits Exchange Foundation has obtained a copy of the notarization certificate, they can go to Taiwan for subsequent verification. Refund matters.