Major U.S. media outlets have announced that major donor organizations will suspend funding for former United Nations Ambassador Haley, who is competing against former President Trump in the opposition Republican Party's selection of candidates for the fall U.S. presidential election. I reported it.

Haley has just announced that she will continue her campaign, but this is expected to be a major setback.

In the opposition Republican Party's candidate selection for the US presidential election in November, former United Nations Ambassador Haley lost to Mr. Trump in all previous candidate selections. He also lost the Carolina primary by about 20 points.

Under these circumstances, major American media reported on the 25th that a major donor organization that had supported Ms. Haley's election campaign had informed those involved that it would cease providing funds.

The group said, ``Given the difficulties expected in selecting candidates, we do not believe that an outside group can improve the situation to increase Ms. Haley's chances of winning.''

According to NBC TV in the US, the organization has so far provided more than $31 million, or more than 4.6 billion yen, to Haley's election campaign.

Haley has said she will continue her campaign, but the suspension of support from major donor groups is expected to be a major blow.