Europe 1 Studio SEASON 2023 - 2024 05:00, February 26, 2024

Do houses have souls?

In this captivating episode of “Mysteries & Unexplained”, dive into the heart of houses and their unexplored mysteries.

Inhabited by the living, some claim that it is also inhabited by the dead... With Candice Mercier, medium and author of "communicating with the soul of houses: a medium tells", discover how houses perceive human actions , from renovation work to moments of vandalism, including burglaries.

“Mysteries & Unexplained” is a podcast created by BTLV, adapted and broadcast by Europe 1. If you like paranormal stories and events that go beyond rationality, or you are curious about new discoveries, this podcast is for you.

The comments made in this episode are solely those of the person(s) invited.

Production credits

: Hugo Maze-dit-Mieuxement for Europe 1 StudioVisual: Axelle Maurel with Sidonie ManginArtistic direction: Xavier JollyVoice recording: Marc O. Grunfeld and Victor NaulleauInnovation direction: Jamal LassiriMedia coverage: Lagardère Publicité News