Cristina Rubio Barcelona


Updated Monday, February 26, 2024-18:42

The owner of the largest brothel in Spain,


, located in La Jonquera, died this weekend in the province of Granada, according to what

Diari de Girona reported this Monday.

José Moreno Gómez

, 72, was accused of fraud and awaiting trial at the National Court as part of

Operation Pompeii


Specifically, the judge of the

National Court,

José Luis Calama, opened oral proceedings against 30 people - among them, José Moreno Gómez, owner of Paradise - for tax crimes derived from the creation of a corporate network allegedly set up to hide to the Treasury the benefits obtained through the operation of multiple hostess clubs throughout Spain and imposed the payment of deposits whose sum exceeds 2,000 million euros.

In February 2022, the investigating judge concluded the investigation and attributed to those investigated a total of 119 tax crimes allegedly committed through six different criminal plots (five that exploited hostess clubs and another that launched the operation to conceal income) and calculated that they defrauded 111 million euros in tax payments not paid (VAT, Corporate Tax and Personal Income Tax).