7 martyrs in Israeli bombing north of the city of Rafah (French)

Al Jazeera's correspondent reported - today, Monday - that a number of Palestinians were martyred as Israeli raids continued on the city of Rafah and Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip and Deir al-Balah in the north of the Strip, while the occupation army announced that 5 of its members were wounded in the Gaza battles.

7 Palestinians were martyred in an Israeli bombing north of the city of Rafah, and 3 others in a bombing that targeted a car in the Abu Al-Ajen area, east of Deir Al-Balah. The bodies of 17 martyrs were also recovered from various areas in the city of Khan Yunis since dawn today.

The reporter added that an Israeli raid targeted the Al-Fokhari area, east of Khan Yunis, and Palestinians were injured in a bombing that targeted a house near the Gaza European Hospital, east of the city.

For its part, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the number of victims of the Israeli aggression on the Strip since October 7 had risen to 29,782 martyrs and 70,782 injured.

The Ministry explained that the occupation committed 10 massacres in the Gaza Strip, killing 90 martyrs and 164 injured during the past 24 hours.

A catastrophic health situation

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday, Sunday, that the health situation in the governorates of the northern Gaza Strip is extremely catastrophic, in light of the continued Israeli siege since last October 7.

The Ministry said in a statement that hospitals in Gaza and its north are without fuel, and Baptist Hospital in Gaza City has been without fuel for more than 10 days, and medicine refrigerators are without electricity, which threatens to destroy quantities of sensitive medicines.

She added that dozens of ambulances, civil defense and medical services are out of service due to the lack of fuel, and pointed out that dialysis and intensive care patients are at risk of death as a result of the lack of fuel for generators, ambulances and medicines.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip had warned in previous statements that about 600,000 citizens in the northern Gaza Strip were facing death as a result of famine, the spread of diseases, and Israeli bombing.

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, leaving tens of thousands of civilian casualties, most of them children and women, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe and massive destruction of infrastructure.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies