As negotiations between Israel and the Islamic organization Hamas continue over issues such as a cessation of hostilities, local media reported that an Israeli delegation is scheduled to visit Qatar, which is acting as a mediator, on the 26th, leaving questions as to what kind of talks will take place in the future. The focus is on how it will be done.

Negotiations are continuing between Israel and the Islamic organization Hamas over issues such as a cessation of fighting, and Israel's leading media outlet Haaretz reported that the wartime cabinet has decided to send a delegation to Qatar on the 26th.

According to reports, the delegation is expected to confirm the list of hostages to be released as part of the negotiations.

Regarding the negotiations, on the 25th, US Presidential Advisor Sullivan, who is one of the intermediary countries, said in an interview on CNN TV, ``Israel and the intermediary countries agree on what the general framework will be.'' was observed," he said.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized in an interview with the American CBS television broadcast on the 25th that even if a negotiated agreement is reached, he will continue to carry out ground operations against Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip in order to destroy Hamas. Did.

In the Gaza Strip, local health authorities announced on the 25th that the death toll had risen to 29,692, and there was strong concern from the international community regarding ground operations in Rafah, where nearly 1.5 million people, including evacuees, live. Masu.