During intensive deliberations at the House of Representatives Budget Committee, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan urged the public to convene a political ethics review committee in response to issues surrounding a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party's political funding party.

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said that while the committee was important as a place to provide explanations to the public, he believed that the Diet should decide whether to make the information public.

On the 26th, the House of Representatives Budget Committee, which is deliberating the new fiscal year budget bill, is having intensive discussions on topics such as responses to the Noto Peninsula earthquake and political funding.

Regarding the response to the Noto Peninsula earthquake, former Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Ishiba said, ``Sleeping small fry in evacuation shelters in gymnasiums is basically the same as it was 100 years ago.'' We need to prepare as many evacuation shelters as possible before the Nankai Trough mega-earthquake occurs."

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, ``In the event of a disaster, the current system is that the government first provides support to evacuation centers run by local governments that are closest to residents. "We would like to constantly review this while also referring to international initiatives."

Regarding the holding of the Political Ethics Review Committee, former Prime Minister Noda of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan said, ``Prime Minister Kishida has said many times that he must fulfill his accountability, so it would be strange if it was not made completely public. "Why does something you tweet become an accountability issue? Why don't you order full disclosure?" he asked.

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, ``I believe that the examination committee is a very important forum for explaining things to the people, but as a general rule, we do not allow spectators to attend the hearing, and within the regulations, we respect the will of the person.'' The Diet is about to make a decision on how to respond to this.The party will naturally encourage and promote the importance of accountability, but the decision on whether or not to make it public is something that should be decided by the Diet based on the regulations. ” he said.

Regarding emergency response, Prime Minister Kishida said, regarding the construction of shelters where residents can evacuate for a certain period of time, ``We have secured the necessary budget for design support in this fiscal year's supplementary budget, and we aim to build shelters by the end of next month. "We plan to establish basic concepts, design, and structural guidelines for areas, etc.," he said.