The series “Al-Kabir Awi” starring the artist Ahmed Mekky (Egyptian Press)

A massive fire broke out yesterday evening, on the filming site of the series “Al-Kabir Awi”, Part 8, which is located inside a farm in Giza Governorate. Civil protection vehicles rushed to control the fire, which consumed large parts of the decor made of wood, without recording any human casualties.

Bloggers and local media circulated video clips showing flames rising from the site used to film the series in the Mansouriya area of ​​the Qanater facility in Giza Governorate, northern Egypt. The media attributed the causes of the fire to an electrical short circuit, while the circulating video clips showed flames rising in the “Kabir” house. ", while the famous statue in the series appears in front of the flames, and this comes a few days after the announcement that the eighth part of the series will be shown during the next month of Ramadan.

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During the past hours, rumors have spread about the ownership of the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi of the farm on which the filming site of the series “Al-Kabir Awi” is located, but the Egyptian actor explained to local media that his wife’s brother is the owner of the farm, and it is not a “villa,” but rather a wooden decor, and he added: “ Thank God there are no injuries.”

The concerned authorities did not determine the cause of the fire, but initial inspections indicate that an electrical short circuit occurred at the site.

The series “Al-Kabir Awi 8” stars Ahmed Mekky, Bayoumi Fouad, Hisham Ismail, Mohamed Salam, Rahma Ahmed, Laila Ezz Al-Arab, Mustafa Gharib, Mustafa Abu Saree, and others, and a group of stars as guests of honor, and the work is written by Mustafa Saqr, and directed by Ahmed Al-Jundi, Produced by Tamer Morsi.

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