On February 24, local time, the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom held a 2024 New Year reception in Gloucester, England for the families of survivors of the "Lisbon Maru" ship and related people to recall the "Lisbon Maru" rescue incident and celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, attended the event and delivered a speech. Williams, the mayor of Gloucester, Denise Winnie, the daughter of "Lisbon Pill" survivor Denis Morley, and a researcher who has long been committed to collecting and sorting out information on the "Lisbon Pill" rescue incident. About 200 people attended, including retired British Major Feinqi Feinqi, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province Chen Yanqin, Zhoushan City Leader Liu Zhonghua, as well as family members of British prisoners of war on the "Lisbon Maru" ship, and representatives of descendants of Zhoushan fishermen who participated in the rescue of British prisoners of war. .

  Zheng Zeguang introduced the earth-shaking changes that have taken place in China since the "Lisbon Maru" ship rescue incident and the economic development of Zhoushan in recent years.

Zheng Zeguang pointed out that China-UK bilateral relations have continued to move forward amidst twists and turns, bringing tangible benefits to the two peoples.

Sino-British cooperation is beneficial to both countries and the world.

It is hoped that the families of the survivors of the "Lisbon Maru" ship and knowledgeable people from all walks of life in the UK will carry forward the friendship between the Chinese and British people and make new contributions to promoting Sino-British friendship.

  Wu Buwei, a representative of the descendants of Zhoushan fishermen, told about his grandfather's experience in rescuing three British prisoners of war. A precious photo of his grandfather and British officers and soldiers was displayed at the scene, and he called on the descendants of Chinese fishermen and the descendants of British officers and soldiers to work together for Sino-British friendly cooperation. promoters and defenders, and jointly inherit the special friendship forged in the flames of war.

  Ms. Winnie emotionally recalled her father's story, expressed her expectation to fulfill her father's wish, and promoted the construction of the "Lisbon Maru" rescue monument in Zhoushan as soon as possible to remember those Zhoushan fishermen who bravely rescued British prisoners of war.

Feinqi said that he was very happy to see that the "Lisbon Maru" rescue incident was becoming more and more widely known, and encouraged everyone to pass on this memory and friendship and jointly promote the friendship between the British and Chinese people.

  Videos were played at the event to show guests the great changes and new look of Zhoushan.

A variety of experience activities were arranged on site, including Chinese bookshelves, Zhoushan fishermen paintings, fishing rope knot displays, as well as traditional Chinese cultural experience activities such as dumpling making and glutinous rice balls rolling.

Zhoushan City also specially organized a group to perform a unique artistic performance, which attracted praise from the guests.

The whole event had a warm atmosphere, filled with joy and laughter, filled with a festive and peaceful New Year atmosphere, and reached its climax with the melodious music of "Auld Lang Syne".

  The family members of the "Lisbon Pill" survivors and related people who attended the event came from all over the UK, and many of them were three or four generations of grandparents.

Everyone enthusiastically participated in the Zhoushan intangible cultural heritage experience and other activities, watched the artistic performances performed by local artists from Zhoushan and the United Kingdom, communicated enthusiastically with the descendants of Zhoushan fishermen, and expressed their respect for the Zhoushan fishermen and the Zhoushan fishermen who sacrificed their lives to rescue British prisoners of war on behalf of their ancestors. The gratitude of later generations expressed that they will always remember the special friendship between the British and Chinese people and jointly contribute to the enhancement of friendship, exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

(Peng Xinyi)

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]