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  • Fortunes The millionaire empire (almost all of her) that breaks with the separation of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez

  • Breakups Chiara Ferragni and Fedez separate: the rapper has already left the family home

Last Friday a true

media earthquake

was experienced in Milan.

After two months of speculation and eight years of love,

Chiara Ferragni (36) and Fedez

(34) made the decision to separate.

According to various Italian media, two Sundays ago the rapper

packed his bags

and left the mansion that he shared with the



He did not make any kind of statement and Chiara has preferred to remain silent on her Instagram.

Until this weekend, when

Corriere della Sera

published an interview conducted on February 20,

two days after Fedez left her

Della home.

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"Over the last few weeks, he hasn't been with me many weekends. But

he's still my husband...

And we believe that, in certain chaotic situations, it's best

to keep things within the couple.

Our priority is

to protect the family and the children.

And, whatever happens, we talk about things. But for me, more than giving explanations,

the important thing is to do the right thing...

And that is to keep the problems within the walls of the family. "It's just that, sometimes, it's hard for me to show my fragility. And I fight, because if I said how fragile I feel, I would feel even

weaker and more vulnerable

to attacks," declared the founder of The Blonde Salad.

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Oh that kiss....

Who is the singer who kissed Fedez and for whom the crisis with Chiara Ferragni began

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Who is the singer who kissed Fedez and for whom the crisis with Chiara Ferragni began

Chiara also spoke about the bad

professional moment

she is going through, after the Italian justice system

fined her

more than one million euros

for selling a Pandoro for false charitable purposes.

"I found out about the situation on December 15 and

I was shocked.

The following days I spent

at home, reading terrible tweets and I thought I had to make a video to defend myself and demonstrate my good faith, because

completely false things

were said ,

such as that I was defrauding consumers and even sick children.

I apologized

for the misunderstandings, I said that

I would appeal

against a sanction that seems unfair to me and that I would donate to the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin," he commented.

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Chiara is aware that the video - in which she appears in pajamas -

did not help improve public opinion,

which had already decided that she was guilty of fraud.

"Yes, I posted the video at a time that was not appropriate, because

news kept coming out against me.

Maybe I should have waited longer... It's just that when you're in that maelstrom, it seems like everyone is accusing you of something, but you only have to leave your house for a moment to realize that this is not the case. Since

I started going out again,

I have not met anyone who tells me 'you are a criminal'. I have only heard people who tell me 'everything This is unfair,

you will come out of this with your head held high,'"

he said.

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According to Ferragni, the accusations against him are "incorrect."

She says that

at no time did she confirm

that all the proceeds generated from the sale of the pandoro went to the

direct benefit of a hospital,

so she should not be judged harshly.

"In my posts we said 'Chiara and Balocco [the product brand] support the hospital',

we did not say the percentage of sales

that would be allocated to charity," she explained.

Likewise, she also answered a difficult question: "why did she keep more than a million, from the sale of the pandoro, and only gave 50,000 to the hospital?"

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"Talking about money seems inappropriate to me

, because the amount I received is the compensation given to my companies for image rights, for promotion and for the complete operation. Furthermore, if we had not done this operation,

the donation to the hospital would never have been made." would have been carried out,"

she said, and then spoke about what she believes is a

witch hunt

against her.

"They talk about me as if I were a criminal and embodied all the evils of this country. I know that they are a public figure and that it is part of the game

to invent fake news about me,

but I have the feeling that the media receives more clicks if they give it voice to the


," he stated.