Mayalène Trémolet // Photo credit: Serge Tenani / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 8:16 p.m., February 26, 2024

Jordan Bardella, acclaimed on Sunday by visitors and farmers, returned this Monday to the Salon de l'Agriculture.

The president of the National Rally continued discussions with stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

He did not miss the opportunity to contradict Emmanuel Macron on the subject of the links between the RN and Rural Coordination. 

Jordan Bardella was so well received on Sunday that he decided to return to Porte de Versailles this Monday.

And it is around a round table, a coffee or a quick lunch that the president of the National Rally exchanges with the union representatives.

As soon as he arrived, the head of the RN list for Europeans was awaited by players in the meat sector, the first in a long list with the FNSEA, Young Farmers, Rural Coordination and even independent winegrowers.

“With us, speech is free”

Between two stands, Jordan Bardella does not fail to contradict Emmanuel Macron, who denounced in 

Le Figaro

the links between the Rural Coordination and the National Rally: "If you try to establish links between a union and a political party, you will have to hard to do," says Jordan Bardella.

“It is not because the FNSEA called to vote for Emmanuel Macron in 2017 that there are objective links and links of interest between the FNSEA and the President of the Republic”.


Salon de l'Agriculture: Gabriel Attal denounces Jordan Bardella's "media circus"

Same story from the Rural Coordination side, whose general secretary, Christian Convers, warmly thanks the head of the RN list for his visit, while recalling the neutrality of the collective.

“At our place, speech is free. Thank you for coming to our place, to our Rural Coordination stand. You thus demonstrate respect for agricultural officials and the unions that we represent.”

A second visit to talk about the substance and above all to prepare for the arrival of Marine Le Pen, expected at Porte de Versailles this Wednesday.