In response to the situation in which Yemen's Houthi rebels have repeatedly attacked ships in the Red Sea area in solidarity with the Islamic organization Hamas, American forces jointly attacked Houthi strongholds with British forces on the 24th. announced that it did.

Since November of last year, Yemen's Houthi rebel group has repeatedly attacked ships around the Red Sea in solidarity with Hamas, which continues to fight Israel, and has disrupted global logistics, with ships being forced to evacuate. is having a major impact.

Against this backdrop, the U.S. Central Command issued a statement on the 24th stating that it had jointly attacked areas controlled by the Houthis with British forces, ``to reduce the power of the Houthis and contain attacks on ships.'' I made it.

The attacks targeted 18 targets, including underground weapons depots, missile storage facilities, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Secretary of Defense Austin also released a statement saying, ``America will not hesitate to take action as necessary to protect lives and the free flow of commerce in the world's most important waterway.'' I indicated that I would not.

American media reports that this is the fourth time since January that American and British forces have jointly attacked a Houthi stronghold.

However, the attacks on ships by the Houthis have not subsided, and it is unclear whether this attack will be able to contain the movement of the Houthis.