United States: Donald Trump defeats Nikki Haley, his Republican rival, in the South Carolina primary

 In a hurry to project himself into a duel with Biden, Donald Trump on Saturday inflicted a scathing defeat on his last Republican rival, Nikki Haley, during the South Carolina primary.

Republican candidate and former US President Donald Trump, on February 24, 2024, in Columbia, South Carolina after his victory in the primary held in the state.

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Nikki Haley's setback is all the more cruel for the fifty-year-old, embodying a more moderate wing of the Republican Party, as it takes place in the state of which she was governor for six years.

A sign that the ex-president no longer even considers Nikki Haley as a threat,

Donald Trump

targeted the current master of the White House in his first victorious declarations.

 Joe [Biden], you’re fired!”

 », He launched from Columbia, the state capital, using his favorite slogan from the days of reality TV sets.

In front of him was an assembly of his supporters from whom cheers and applause erupted.

As in the four other previous elections, the aim of which is to nominate the Republican candidate for the presidential election in November, the former American president was merciless.

Donald Trump's victory was projected by the American media just a few seconds after the polling stations closed.

Despite his legal troubles, some of which put him at risk of prison, the tempestuous septuagenarian is the ultra-favorite candidate of the right, according to all the polls.





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