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Sunday, February 25, 2024-16:55

  • War in Ukraine Two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine: "We have become war junkies"

  • War The Last Azovstal Soldier

One day after two years since the start of the

war in Ukraine

, the fighting on the battlefield continues.

During this night, Ukraine has destroyed 16 of the 18 attack drones launched by Russia, according to the Kiev army this Sunday morning.

The air force has revealed that Iranian-made drones have been shot down in eight regions of central, western and southern Ukraine, including the capital region.

Meanwhile, Russia claims to have shot down 77 Ukrainian drones in combat zones in a single day.

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Zelensky estimates that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the war

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, today put the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed since the beginning of the large-scale Russian military invasion two years ago at 31,000, informs Efe.

It is the first time that one of the two sides gives a specific figure on its own casualties in the conflict.

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Ukraine's victory over Russia "depends on you," Zelensky tells Western allies

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday that Ukraine's victory in the war against invading Russian forces depends on Western support, "it depends on you."

He told a news conference in kyiv that he felt "positive" about the prospect of his allies and partners supplying long-range missiles to kyiv, Reuters reports.

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Zelensky hopes that the summit on the peace plan will be held this spring

Ukraine hopes that in the coming months a summit of world leaders will be held in Switzerland to discuss kyiv's vision for peace and that the peace plan will then be presented to Russia, President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday.

"I hope it will take place this spring. We must not lose this diplomatic initiative," the Ukrainian leader told reporters at a news conference in kyiv, Reuters reports.

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Some 3,500 people demonstrate in Brussels in support of Ukraine after two years of war

Some 3,500 people, according to the Belgian police, demonstrated this Sunday in Brussels in solidarity with Ukraine and to demand that the leaders of the European Union (EU) continue to support Kiev, two years after Russia launched the invasion that The current war was unleashed on February 24, 2022, Efe reports.

The march, organized by the Promote Ukraine association, passed through the center of Brussels, starting from Rogier Square and arriving at the emblematic Mount of Arts, where the main museums of the Belgian capital are located and the place where the organizers They read a manifesto.

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Pope calls for "diplomatic solution" in Ukraine on second anniversary of war

The Pope has appealed to "humanity" by asking for "a diplomatic solution" in Ukraine "to achieve a just and lasting peace" on the second anniversary of the war.

"I pray that that bit of humanity will be rediscovered that creates the conditions for a diplomatic solution in search of a just and lasting peace," Francis said.

During the Angelus prayer this Sunday, which the Pope presided over after canceling all the commitments he had planned this Saturday due to the flu, the Pontiff lamented that the conflict has left "so many victims", as well as "destruction", "wounded ", "anguish" and "tears".

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Ukraine is convinced that the US will not "abandon" it in the face of Russia, says the prime minister

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Shmigal, assured this Sunday that he believes that the United States "is not going to abandon" his country in its war against Russia and is confident that Congress in Washington will approve a new aid package for 60 billion of dollars.

"We are deeply convinced that the United States is not going to abandon Ukraine in terms of financial, military and weapons support," Shmigal said at a forum in Kiev to commemorate the second anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion.

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Sunak urges allies to go further and seize Russian assets to help Ukraine

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called on Ukraine's allies this Sunday to be "bolder" to seize Russian assets frozen in different countries and use them to support Ukrainian troops.

In a column published in "The Sunday Times", Sunak acknowledged that the situation on the battlefield, two years after the Russian invasion, is increasingly complicated, but that this should not lead to falling into "defeatism".

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Russia claims it shot down 77 Ukrainian drones in combat zones in one day

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports this Sunday the downing of

77 Ukrainian drones

in the area of ​​​​the Russian "special military operation" in Ukraine.

According to the military statement, the drones were destroyed in the regions of Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, annexed by Moscow in September 2022.

In addition, Russian forces intercepted six Himas missiles in the last 24 hours, the note adds.

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Half of Western weapons promised to Ukraine are delivered late

Half of the Western weapons promised to Ukraine are being delivered late, Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said this Sunday, at a time when the country suffers from a shortage of ammunition to face the Russian invasion.

"At the moment a promise does not constitute a delivery," Umerov said during a forum organized for the second anniversary of the start of the Russian offensive.

"50% of commitments are not fulfilled on time," he criticized.

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Ukraine improves in literacy even though the war has destroyed one in four schools

Ukraine is an "exception" in countries at war where this situation has not destroyed the right to education.

After two years of conflict that has caused damage or destruction to 26% of the country's 3,978 schools, "surprisingly" there has been no setback in the country's education.

Indicators such as literacy or completion of the first stage of Secondary have improved compared to other years.

"The case of Ukraine is a rarity. This improvement has been possible because the country's government has continued to invest in education, despite the war, but also because of the boost that international financing, 109 million dollars, has given it. covering 71% of the funds demanded," explained Paula San Pedro de Urquiza, author of the report 'Education in emergencies: a lifeline', recently presented by Educo.

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Ukrainian Interior Minister says no weapons have crossed from Ukraine to EU

Not a single weapon has crossed the border from Ukraine to the European Union during the two years of large-scale invasion by Russia, the Ukrainian Interior Minister said on Sunday.

Ihor Klymenko made these statements during a televised conference in kyiv.

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Ukrainian Chief General and Defense Minister visit posts near the front

Ukrainian army chief Oleksandr Syrskyi and Defense Minister Rustem Umerov have visited command posts near the front line to analyze the battlefield and reinforce defences, the top general said on Sunday. .

kyiv's army is struggling to keep Russian forces at bay along the long front line as it marks two years since the full-scale invasion of Moscow.

"We analyzed the current situation in detail and discussed the necessary steps, mainly the protection of troops from drones and aerial bomb attacks, as well as the strengthening of certain areas of the front," Syrskyi posted on Telegram along with images of himself and others. Umerov meeting with commanders.

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Ukrainians under temporary protection in the EU, between integration and uncertainty

Dmytro Melnyk

arrived from Kiev to Belgium at the age of 17 in March 2022 after the Russian offensive in Ukraine, and is one of the more than 4.3 million Ukrainians who are under the temporary protected status of the European Union (EU). , for what he believed "would be two months but not two years."

Two years after the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, and according to the most recent Eurostat data from last December, there are 4.3 million Ukrainians under the temporary protection regime, almost half a million more than at the end of 2022.

Last September, EU countries extended the temporary protection directive until March 4, 2025, while the European Commission has said it is ready to extend further if necessary.

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The last Azovstal soldier

Olexander knew that the best way to escape from a prison is to play dead or get into a shroud.

He read it in

The Count of Monte Cristo


Alexandre Dumas


He knew that a man can stay alive in a hole the size of a coffin if he gets some kind of ventilation because he saw the movie


, directed by

Rodrigo Cortés


He knew that in an escape you have to go unnoticed and disguise yourself as a civilian because he remembered

The Great Escape


John Sturges

and above all he knew that to escape from a fortress he had to be cunning, because he had played

The Escape from Colditz


Read the complete information about Alberto Rojas in EL MUNDO.

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Ukraine destroys 16 drones launched overnight by Russia

One day after two years since the start of the

war in Ukraine

, the fighting on the battlefield continues.

During this night, Ukraine has destroyed 16 of the 18 attack drones launched by Russia, according to the Kiev army this Sunday morning.

The air force has revealed that Iranian-made drones have been shot down in eight regions of central, western and southern Ukraine, including the capital region.

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