Trump has dominated all five competitions that have taken place so far (Anatolia)

Data from the Edison Research Center showed that former US President Donald Trump easily defeated Nikki Haley in the Republican primary elections in South Carolina.

Trump thus continues his series of victories, bringing him closer to obtaining the nomination of his Republican Party to run in the presidential elections for the third time in a row, and to compete again against the Democrat (current president) Joe Biden.

This result was not surprising, as one opinion poll after another showed Trump significantly ahead of his rival.

This victory will reinforce calls by the former president's allies for Haley - Trump's last remaining competitor - to withdraw from the electoral race.

Trump has dominated all five contests that have taken place so far in the states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, the US Virgin Islands, and now in the state to which Haley belongs, leaving her almost no room to obtain the Republican nomination.

Trump's victory represents a setback for Haley, especially since these elections took place in the state that she governed for 6 years.

Source: Agencies