Josean Izarra Vitoria


Updated Sunday, February 25, 2024-19:57

The PNV imposed its criteria this Sunday and on Sunday announced that it will appeal to the Constitutional Court against Pedro Sánchez's Housing Law, one of the regulations that the leader of the Basque PSOE Eneko Andueza uses as an electoral banner to fight against the third most important problem for the Basques.

Counselor Olatz Garamendi (PNV) justified the complaint before the Constitutional Court because "The State has rejected any possibility of agreement."

The Basque socialists, however, warned yesterday that the PNV follows "the same strategy of opposition to the law as the PP."

The Basque Government will register an appeal before the TC after Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu announced the dissolution of Parliament and the call for elections on April 21 and the central Executive transferred the transfer of two new powers to Euskadi.

An apparent climate of understanding between the PNV and the PSOE that yesterday was broken when early in the afternoon the Urkullu Government announced its complaint to the TC.

The Lehendakari and his PNV advisors endorse this resource because it questions - according to a legal report that they do not provide - the regional powers.

The appeal from the nationalist - and majority - part of the Basque Government questions 7 articles, a transitional provision, an additional provision and two final provisions that would violate the exclusive jurisdiction over housing contained in article 10 of the Statute of Gernika.

But the legal interpretation is not as clear as the institutional and organic representatives of the PNV denounce.

The three councilors of the Basque PSOE already expressed the opinion of their 'partners' last July when a period of 6 months was opened for the two governments to agree on their differences.

Sánchez's Housing Law has been appealed by the autonomous governments of the PP in Madrid, the Balearic Islands and Andalusia and by the Generalitat of Catalonia governed by ERC.

But only in Euskadi, Sánchez's Housing Law splits an autonomous government in two and does so when the accusations crossed between PNV and the Basque PSOE intensify in the middle of the pre-campaign.

The socialists of Andueza yesterday rejected the existence of a "competitive violation" in Sánchez's Housing Law which, in their opinion, develops the Basque law approved in 2015 with the impetus of the PSE-EE, the support of EH Bildu and the vote against of the PNV.

Furthermore, the leadership of the Basque PSOE showed its discomfort because the nationalist counselor Garamendi announced that the appeal was being filed despite the "will to agree" of Euskadi, implying that it was the Government of Spain that aborted it.

The complaint before the Constitutional Court is made by the Department of Governance and Self-Government of the Basque Government when the Housing area managed by the socialist Iñaki Arriola has already begun to apply the rule now appealed;

another paradox between the two partners in the Basque institutions.

The presentation of the appeal will raise the electoral debate on an unresolved problem in Euskadi although the candidate for lehendakari of the PNV Imanol Pradales highlighted last Saturday that 35% of public housing in Spain is built in Euskadi.

A statement that the socialists used yesterday to discredit the PNV's appeal against the state law and that, in addition, shows that the nationalist leaders compare themselves with the rest of Spain when it suits them.

The Basque PSOE will count as 'allies' in this electoral controversy with EH Bildu, which announces for today, Monday, an appearance by its deputy in Congress Oskar Matute, the spokesperson who defended the positive vote of the Otegi coalition on Sánchez's Housing Law .

During the long pre-campaign, Bildu has already launched several nods to the Basque PSE-EE to transfer to Euskadi the agreements reached by both formations in the Government of María Chivite (PSN) in Navarra and the Pamplona City Council with the Mayor's Office of Joseba Asiron (Bildu) .

Housing is, according to the latest survey by the Urkullu Government, the third most important problem for Basques after unemployment and health.