Samsung overtakes TSMC in the race towards 2 nanometer manufacturing accuracy (Reuters)

After Qualcomm requested samples of 2-nm chips from TSMC and Samsung, it appears that the next generation Exynos processor has entered the testing phase with the same manufacturing precision.

It seems that Samsung did not succeed in its efforts to attract major customers towards the manufacturing accuracy of 3 nanometers, as its production rate did not exceed 60%.

TSMC outperforms its competitors in this accuracy, as it plans a production volume of up to 100,000 chips per month by the end of 2024.

According to the latest report from the Korean newspaper Sidali, Samsung is testing a next-generation Exynos processor with a manufacturing precision of 2 nanometers.

This is the first time that Samsung has been mentioned working on 2nm prototypes, suggesting that the next-generation Exynos processor may be in the early testing stages.

Qualcomm also requested samples of 2-nanometer manufacturing accuracy from Samsung and TSMC, to benefit from them in fifth-generation Snapdragon processors.

It is also said that Samsung is developing an Exynos 2500 processor that contains 10 cores, but it is unlikely to produce this processor in large quantities using a manufacturing accuracy of 2 nanometers, as this precision is not expected to be used until 2026.

According to the KidGlobal website, Samsung overtook TSMC in the race towards 2-nanometer manufacturing accuracy, as it obtained a huge production order for chips with a 2-nanometer manufacturing accuracy from the Japanese company BFN. This order is the first large foreign order in the industry. Chips with a manufacturing precision of 2 nanometers.

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