The writer said that the Himars missile system had the greatest impact against Russia (Getty)

The military observer in the Russian newspaper Gazeta, Mikhail Khodarynok, confirmed that the West had provided Ukraine with advanced weapons in an effort to achieve a quick and clear victory over Russia, but two years after the outbreak of the war, that goal had not been achieved, and rather the situation had developed in a direction that did not please the West much.

Khodarynok conducted an investigation into the weapons sent by NATO to Ukraine and talked about the extent of their impact on the course of the ongoing hostilities, and whether the West had any other weapons in its possession.

He said that the most effective Western weapons and equipment sent to the Ukrainian armed forces were the M142, MRLS and M270 HIMARS systems.

He added that although the "Hymars M142" system has been in service with the US Army for more than 15 years, the combat use of this system on the battlefields of Ukraine was largely unexpected for the Russian armed forces, as it turned out that this system is a high-precision weapon.

The danger of the HEMARS system

Khodarynok stated that it is not an exaggeration to say that the "HIMARS" system had the greatest impact on the course of combat operations in NATO, and forced the Russian army to reconsider both troop concentrations and the deployment of command and control points and equipment reserves on the front line.

He continued that the use of the high-speed "Harm AGM 88" missiles was initially surprising, as it was mistakenly thought that this product was unlikely to be fully integrated into Soviet-made aircraft.

Regarding the artillery weapon, the writer said that the West transferred to the Ukrainian artillery unit German-made PZH 2000 self-propelled guns, an American-made 155 mm howitzer, the M777, and a 155 mm self-propelled artillery system from... The 155 mm "Caesar" model, developed and produced by the French company Nexter.

This is in addition to a number of other artillery systems that showed certain advantages in counter-war compared to local artillery.

He said that it would be a mistake to ignore the very high tactical and technical characteristics of Western guns.

He continued that American howitzers turned out to be completely unprepared for such extensive use in a large-scale war.

The miracle weapon

According to the writer, the combat use of Western combat vehicles has faced many problems, and it remains difficult to maintain the weapons and armored equipment transferred by the United States and its allies to Ukraine in a state of continuous combat readiness for use during daily military operations.

For several reasons, it is always difficult to quickly repair damaged combat vehicles and return them to service. To achieve this goal, separate evacuation battalions, armor repair regiments, mobile repair stations for armored vehicle units, and warehouses of armored equipment must be provided in the front-line area.

Khudarenok explains that given that the Ukrainian army was not prepared for this;

The West did not provide everything necessary in full quantity, nor did it supply Ukraine with many of its tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and personnel carriers.

He continues that this situation raises the question about the “miracle weapon” that will enable Ukraine to change the course of military operations to its advantage, and he spoke about tactical ballistic missiles of the “MGM-140 ATE CMS” type, and long-range air-to-surface cruise missiles. Taurus KEBD 350/150.

He stressed that if these missiles reach Ukraine, along with the F-16, they will create very big problems for the Russian forces, even if they will not guarantee complete victory for them.

Source: Russian press