Presidential election in Senegal: the Aar Sunu Election collective organizes a symbolic vote

Several symbolic votes were organized this Sunday, February 25, the date initially planned for the presidential election, but despite the invalidation of the postponement of the vote by the Constitutional Council, President Macky Sall has still not set a new date and called to a dialogue which begins this Monday morning.

Actors from civil society and some of the candidates for the presidential election therefore voted to put pressure on so that the presidential election would be held as quickly as possible.

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A symbolic vote organized by the Aar Sunu Election platform (protect our election in Wolof) this Sunday, February 25 in Sacré Coeur, Dakar.

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With our correspondent in Dakar,

Théa Ollivier

In the symbolic polling station, voters slipped into a voting booth before putting their ballot in the ballot box.

The inky red finger, Amy Ndao Fall, doctor, comes out with a big smile.

I am happy to claim the importance of the vote in Senegal.

We have a democratic culture in Senegal, we believe in voting.

And it is the vote which has always allowed Senegal this stability in the country.


In this office, 77 people voted symbolically.

Elimane Kane is one of the members of the Aar Sunu Election civil society platform “Protect Our Election”, which is behind this initiative.

This symbolic vote is organized to show the President of the Republic that Senegalese citizens were already ready to come and vote this day, which is the legal day of the presidential election.


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Another polling station was improvised in the campaign headquarters of Khalifa Sall where some of the candidates for the election met.

The former mayor of Dakar regrets that the real vote could not be held on February 25.


We should have, with our family, our friends, our fellow citizens, been in the polling stations to vote.

Since the president deprives us of this duty, despite the security arrangements made, we wanted to say that February 25 remains election day for us. 


Opposed to the dialogue proposed by President Macky Sall, the 16 candidates united in a common front announced that they wanted to refer the matter to the Constitutional Council to find a way out of the crisis.

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