President Zelenskiy of Ukraine held a press conference on the 25th, as Russia's military invasion entered its third year.

In the meeting, President Zelenskiy said that the Russian military was preparing to launch a large-scale attack this May, and said, ``How the war ends depends on this year. ``This is the year of the 2019 World War,'' he said, emphasizing the importance of Western countries continuing to provide military support.

President Zelenskiy held a press conference for nearly two hours in front of media from various countries in the capital city of Kiev.

It was revealed for the first time that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers had died in the two years since Russia began its military invasion.

President Zelenskiy also said that the delay in military aid from the West has led to many human casualties, saying, ``I am disappointed. This is the most difficult period for our unity.''

In particular, he mentioned that new military aid in the United States, the largest donor country, has been suspended due to conflicts between the ruling and opposition parties in Congress, and said, ``I believe that they will make a positive decision.''

Regarding the future situation of the war, President Zelenskiy said that the Russian military is preparing to launch a large-scale attack in May, and added, ``How the war will end depends on this year. This is a year of transition.'' '', emphasizing the importance of Western countries continuing military support.

Defense Minister Umerov: “We have only received 50% of the weapons.”

On the 25th, the third year of Russia's military invasion, a forum was held in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, attended by senior government officials, to discuss the situation on the front lines and prospects for the development of military industry.

Defense Minister Umerov pointed out that the United States and Europe have only received 50% of the weapons they promised to provide.

He then expressed a sense of crisis, saying, ``If we do not arrive on time, civilians will be sacrificed and we will lose our territory,'' and once again called for prompt military support.

In addition, Minister of Strategic Industries Kamyshin said that the number of companies entering the military industry in Ukraine has increased, and currently more than 500 companies, both state-owned and private, are involved, and last year (2023) three times as many weapons as the previous year were produced. I emphasized that it was produced.

However, he emphasized the need for military support such as ammunition, saying, ``No matter how much domestic production increases, the front lines will need more ammunition than the combined production of Ukraine, the United States, and the European Union.'' I did.

Noting that there were active attacks using domestically produced drones and unmanned boats last year, he added, ``This year will be the year we hear more about ground-based robotic systems.'' He announced the prospect of introducing a new system for ground operations.